About Jeepsters

Jeepsters’ owner, Bill Coll, is a former Navy F-14 mechanic and a long-time Jeep enthusiast. After leaving the Navy, Bill received his Bachelor of Science degree in Management from San Diego State University in 1995. Upon graduation, he worked in management in a corporate setting until 1997, at which point he chose to do what he loved.

Early in 1997, Bill became certified as an ASE mechanic and opened a one-man shop on 101 1st Street in Largo, Florida, which he named “Jeepsters”. He focused on service, sales and after-market parts, and, as the name suggests, those services were limited exclusively to Jeep vehicles.

After moving to the  Ulmerton location,  Bill and his crew took on almost anything you could think of concerning Jeeps including sales, repair, aftermarket parts, complete restorations of all years as well as stretching wranglers into 4 door or even six door models.

In December of 2015, Bill narrowed the focus of Jeepsters  to a  Jeep parts showroom and the installation of aftermarket parts including lifts, tires, wheels, bumpers, lights etc.  Bill  continues to enjoy helping customers get their Jeep looking and performing exactly how they want  at reasonable prices while providing expert assistance.