Jeepsters’ owner, Bill Coll, is a former Navy F-14 mechanic and a long-time Jeep enthusiast. After leaving the Navy, Bill received his Bachelor of Science degree in Management from San Diego State University in 1995. Upon graduation, he worked in management in a corporate setting until 1997, at which point he chose to do what he loved.

Early in 1997, Bill became certified as an ASE mechanic and opened a one-man shop on 101 1st Street in Largo, Florida, which he named “Jeepsters”. He focused on service, sales and after-market parts, and, as the name suggests, those services were limited exclusively to Jeep vehicles.

After two years of successful operations, Bill became interested in the concept of stretching a Wrangler and adding a second set of doors. He envisioned a vehicle that would cater to the Jeep lover whose family obligations had outgrown the two-door vehicle, but who still yearned for the openness that only a Jeep can offer. In 1999, Bill began to draft plans for the Stretch Wrangler. Over the next five years, after much painstaking effort, those plans have become a reality.

Today, Jeepsters had developed a reputation in the Tampa Bay / St. Petersburg area as an “all-in-one” Jeep enthusiast’s resource. Customers have come to know Jeepsters as the premier place to purchase a high-quality used Jeeps at a fair price. Nationwide, Jeepsters has developed a reputation for providing hard-to-find new and used aftermarket and original equipment parts for Jeep vehicles. Most significantly, Jeepsters has produced and sold a number of prototype Stretch Wranglers.