Nitto 37x12.50R17 Ridge Grappler 217050
Nitto 37x12.50R17 Ridge Grappler N217-050

Nitto 37x12.50R17 Ridge Grappler N217-050

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The Ridge Grappler is Nitto's On-/Off- Road All-Terrain tire developed for drivers of SUVs, Jeeps, and pickup trucks seeking a versatile, stylish tire that is as capable and durable off-road as it is comfortable on the highway.

The Ridge Grappler's durable compound is molded into a symmetric tread pattern featuring robust reinforced tread blocks with tapered edges which optimize surface contact for competent dry grip. Variable pitch tread blocks of slightly different sizes reduce road noise for enhanced on-road comfort. Step block edges and staggered shoulder lugs combine for advantageous grip characteristics across many all-terrain environments. The Lateral zig-zag patterned Z grooves promote efficient water evacuation to the shoulder notches, while sipes in the tread blocks assist hydroplaning resistance and wet traction on paved surfaces. A high void ratio and multitudinous biting edges deliver confident traction in light snow.

Internal Construction of the Ridge Grappler includes a two-ply reinforced polyester casing for durability and ride comfort. Two high-tensile steel belts offer a sturdy foundation for even load distribution across the footprint. Two nylon reinforcement plies further stabilize the tread for high-speed handling and durability.

As with all Grappler tires, each Ridge Grappler tire features two unique sidewall designs. One side is more traditional while the other features a more aggressive block design.

Vendor: Jeepsters
Sku: N217-050

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